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Dealership issues and Lists my truck for sale!

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I placed an order for a lightning (order number 11198858) on January 6th online and paid a $1000 deposit. It should be arriving at my dealer this month (Ford of Moses Lake), however I keep having continuous issues with this dealer before receiving my vehicle.

Here are the issues we have had so far:

1. First, I asked for an invoice a few weeks back for the total amount with taxes and Registration fees out the door price that I need to bring with me since I am paying cash and in this invoice they tried increasing the price by $5000.

2. They claim they cannot locate the $1000 deposit I put down. I have submitted my bank statement and it clearly states Ford of Moses Lake $1000 debited from my account. It also shows on my reservation and order info I paid it!

3. They are also charging full taxes when Washington state has a sales use tax exemption for any electric vehicle under $45000, where you don’t pay taxes for the first $20,000. So after they get the deposit to reflect on my invoice I’ll be battling this issue with them. It is at point of sale tax exemption..

4. Recently my truck was also listed way over my order price on their website for $57,769 and they claim this is completely normal. I was told once this was an automated process weeks back, but then today I spoke to the person who listed it and she claimed she thought it was odd and Ford must be raising their pricing.

With all of these issues I am concerned they are going to sell my truck right out from under me. I had a signed contract on the build sheet from my dealer stating that it will be sold at msrp and no markups! right after I placed my order.
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Number 4 is normal for some dealers. Unscrupulous? Yes. Unusual? No. They are just using your truck to generate calls.

However, with the way you’ve been treated otherwise, you definitely need to keep an eye on what they are doing.
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Update! I finally got a purchase and sales agreement with correct tax charges, deposit reflected, and purchase price that’s correct. I had to tell them i needed it for my bank to complete financing.. which I already have the cash in hand.. 🤭 but I wanted to lock everything down! And they sure fought me!
You did well!
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Thanks man! Is their any way I can have another dealership look up my truck and give me info or updates on it? My I don’t think my dealership is very happy with me now
That is possible but highly unlikely.
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