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Which Dealership would you stick with?

Dealer Switch or No?

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I’ve got a bit of a dilemma on my hands.

I unfortunately missed out on a 2022. It sounds like my local Ford dealership only received 1 allocation spot (the dealer claimed this was common in Wisconsin where I’m located)….. As I prepare for the order banks reopening over the summer (Reserved on 5/19/2021, #10821XXX), I started doing some research on potentially shifting my dealer association to increase my likelihood of getting an order slot.

I’ve been told I’m number 5 on the current/local dealers list of 118 reservations.

I also reached out to another Ford dealer in the area (more rural) to inquire about their priority list. They currently have 0 reservations associated with their dealership and they didn’t opt into being a Ford electric dealer until December 2021.

So the question becomes: Which dealer do you think I’m most likely to get an earlier order slot? #5 of 118 at a dealer who has been associated with ford electric cars for longer or #1 of 1 at a smaller dealership who only Ford electric a few months ago?
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I went with the 2nd option (@ ZEV State), due to my later 4/20/21 reservation.

I would have been further down the list at the bigger Mega Ford Dealership.

The gamble worked in my case. I got a Wave 2 config 1/20/22 and a build week of 5/30/22.
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