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Which Dealership would you stick with?

Dealer Switch or No?

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I’ve got a bit of a dilemma on my hands.

I unfortunately missed out on a 2022. It sounds like my local Ford dealership only received 1 allocation spot (the dealer claimed this was common in Wisconsin where I’m located)….. As I prepare for the order banks reopening over the summer (Reserved on 5/19/2021, #10821XXX), I started doing some research on potentially shifting my dealer association to increase my likelihood of getting an order slot.

I’ve been told I’m number 5 on the current/local dealers list of 118 reservations.

I also reached out to another Ford dealer in the area (more rural) to inquire about their priority list. They currently have 0 reservations associated with their dealership and they didn’t opt into being a Ford electric dealer until December 2021.

So the question becomes: Which dealer do you think I’m most likely to get an earlier order slot? #5 of 118 at a dealer who has been associated with ford electric cars for longer or #1 of 1 at a smaller dealership who only Ford electric a few months ago?
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Stick to wherever you will get the email the quickest - DO NOT worry about ADM. Your only goal for this initial process is to get the order email in your hands. Once you are selected to order and get the email, then you can switch dealers to one that doesn't charge ADM. Once you get the email - the allocation is yours and it will move where ever you move your reservation. I've suspected this for a while, I was likely one of the first to do it. I confirmed indeed my allocation and others will move with you once you get the email.
Where are you located?
Just curious if you were one of the favored states with some priority. I guess the bottom line is that if you've moved to a 2023 we are hoping that they might be able to ramp up production to 2 to 3 times this year. I would think both of your propositions should get you a truck. However, until you tap Into someone at Ford with the formula for invites you might also just take your money and go for a weekend in Vegas.
I guess TBH - the small dealer was what got me in as well. I was number one at the small Oklahoma dealer I moved away from. When they noted they were adding ADM I started looking. That is also how I know I took my allocation with me. The receiving dealer confirmed all of that.

However, bottom line, I was at a small OK dealer and selected Wave 1.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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