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Dealer Ford Agreement for MSRP Pricing

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So I just stopped by my dealer to talk about order process, ADM, etc. and he said that the dealership has signed an agreement with Ford to charge MRSP for all orders. Anyone else heard about this, not sure if it is true or just the sales story...
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Here’s a question. I ordered my XLT last month. All pricing shown is 2023. I showed them the email stating I’m available to get 2022 pricing. My salesman said Ford will send me a coupon to bring the price down from the 2023 pricing on my paperwork to 2022 pricing. Has anyone heard this? I’m going to call Ford about this to see if I can get an answer too.
I posted a bit about it on another thread. I called Ford and they can tell you if you qualify and gave me a code to give the dealer to be able to add the Private Offer reduction. Ford also stated there is an expiration date on the code (mine is January 2023) but as long as you get the truck before than you shouldn’t have an issue. The rep even said if you expect the purchase agreement to do completely after the expiration date or can ask your dealer if they will still honor the Private Offer.
Thank you! I’ll call them and get the code. You just provided some serious relief. I thought maybe my dealer was tried to pull a fast one.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts