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Dealer Ford Agreement for MSRP Pricing

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So I just stopped by my dealer to talk about order process, ADM, etc. and he said that the dealership has signed an agreement with Ford to charge MRSP for all orders. Anyone else heard about this, not sure if it is true or just the sales story...
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Perhaps they are talking about this new agreement?

I encourage you to get a signed buyer's order that states the exact amount they will sell the truck for.
The dealer did say they are opting in to the new EV dealer model described in the link so perhaps there is something there. Basically said they are doing MSRP for ordered vehicles but are going to mark up their demo and any inventory from orders that people back-out of.

I plan to get something in writing before I get my order invite, I'm #48 and he said they think they will get 30-40 MY23 allocation...so looks like I have a bit of a wait still...
1 - 2 of 8 Posts