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Dealer call about next wave

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I received a weird call from my dealer this morning. A lady from the dealership told me that I could come in to order my Lightning, even though I hadn't received an email yet. So I made an appointment for this afternoon.

Suffice it to say I haven't been overly thrilled with my dealer's information to date. To date, they haven't (or possibly wouldn't, but they say they don't know)

  • Where I am in their queue
  • Anything about the waves of ordering
  • In fact, pretty much anything at all....

About an hour after this, I received another call, this time from the gentleman I had been working with at the dealership, canceling the appointment. He said that I can't come in to order until I got the email from Ford (which is what tracks with everything else I've heard). He also said that I would likely be in the "first wave of orders" that was going out soon." He seemed pretty befuddled when I told him there had already been two waves!


  • Has anyone else had such a clueless set of responses from your dealership? (It's an Electric-Certified dealership in St. Louis, MO)
  • Have you been contacted by your dealership, saying you'll be in the next wave?
  • Any dates yet for it (other than the "every two weeks" that we've heard before)?
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As indicated in a couple of other threads on ordering, there are two ways to know if you can order:
1) Watch for the email from Ford (keep checking your spam/junk folders, just in case)
2) Check your online reservation for the "Ready to Order" button. Here's how it looked on my iPhone:
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^^^^^ hmmmmm you can in fact order directly from the dealer - that's what I did...I didn't have to come in, did it all over the phone with them.
I did my entire order on my iPhone. I did call the dealer the next day to have him "accept" the order.
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