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Dealer call about next wave

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I received a weird call from my dealer this morning. A lady from the dealership told me that I could come in to order my Lightning, even though I hadn't received an email yet. So I made an appointment for this afternoon.

Suffice it to say I haven't been overly thrilled with my dealer's information to date. To date, they haven't (or possibly wouldn't, but they say they don't know)

  • Where I am in their queue
  • Anything about the waves of ordering
  • In fact, pretty much anything at all....

About an hour after this, I received another call, this time from the gentleman I had been working with at the dealership, canceling the appointment. He said that I can't come in to order until I got the email from Ford (which is what tracks with everything else I've heard). He also said that I would likely be in the "first wave of orders" that was going out soon." He seemed pretty befuddled when I told him there had already been two waves!


  • Has anyone else had such a clueless set of responses from your dealership? (It's an Electric-Certified dealership in St. Louis, MO)
  • Have you been contacted by your dealership, saying you'll be in the next wave?
  • Any dates yet for it (other than the "every two weeks" that we've heard before)?
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A) yes, im not very confident in my dealers info. I called the sales guy who stand la to make a nice commission on an 80k truck, and he kept referring to the maverick orders, aside from not knowing diddlydick. The woman in charge of ordering the trucks sounded more confident, but has contradicted herself several times and isn’t giving any useful info.
B) no
C) the two weeks between waves are pretty consistent, and I think the only thing you can count on.
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