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Dealer abuse

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Hello . My name is Yohanny Tavares. I have several Ford F 150 on order. My PREMIER FORD OF BAY RIDGE dealer does not want to receive my payment and does not want to give up my license plate and truck. I make a call to the owners of orders who are also being abused by naughty dealers who want to damage the image of a brand as prestigious as Ford. I also call on ford to take action . I moved to NJ and this dealer claims that he must be a person residing in NY who should receive the vehicle, but I think he has an interest in keeping my orders so that he can later sell them more expensively to other customers. My order number is 10862236.

Please help me share this message so it can reach Ford executives.
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While I have no problem with flipping for profit, dealers have every right to try to prevent it, within reason as that is basically their entire business model. I know my dealer, when they did their prioritizations, screened out all out of state buyers and ranked higher those who had done previous business with them. I thought that was super smart.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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