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A question came up on another forum: "Once trucks come out do these EV stations allow you to pull up with a trailer? Do you have to unhook your trailer drive over the EV station hook up wait 45 minutes go back to your trailer and hook back up?"

Very few if the ones I've seen are pull-through. Long multi-charger setups like this are great for trailers but rare to find.

Some of those have two chargers in two pull-through slots, so you still may block a charger or block a driving lane in a parking lot.

More are nose-in with chargers at the front of the vehicle. These are fairly trailer friendly as you can take the charger on either end and other BEVs can come and go without worrying about traffic direction. Depending on the width of the travel lane, you may not completely block traffic, especially if you can angle in across a few open parking spaces.

Unfortunately, I've seen even more of the new EA chargers that are nose-in with the charger on the side, in a one-way angled-parking lane. These make it more of a challenge to pull in with a trailer and avoid blocking another charger. If you take the first charger you come to, other BEVs will have to drive in the wrong way to reach chargers and no there trailer-hauler can charge. If you take the last one, you'll probably block another charger and force departing BEVs to exit the wrong way. Either way you block travel in that lane.

In many cases a trailer left on the tow vehicle will block a lane of travel in a Walmart parking lot but there are plenty of other lanes to choose from. You will tick some folks off!

Good resources to know the orientation in advance are photos of the station in PlugShare or the satellite view in Google Maps.

With BEV trucks coming to market, hopefully EA will re-think their installation strategy to accommodate trailer towing.
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