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Custom Made Lightening Apparel - that you design

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Wanted to let everyone know about where you can get custom made Lightning apparel, that you can design yourself. The company is Vistaprint. Custom Clothing & Bags: Branded Clothing & Apparel | VistaPrint You've all seen their commercials on TV. The good part, is that you can buy one shirt, one jacket, one hat etc. Yes a little more expensive if Outerwear Product Sleeve Textile Grey
Outerwear Dress shirt Product Jersey Tie
Font Brand Logo Magenta Electric blue
Font Art Automotive decal Logo Graphics

you buy only one, but still not that bad of a price. You can see below the shirt I just received and the jacket I'm expecting soon. There are two things that I need to explain first. Yes, I know that this is not the regular Lightning logo. I prefer this style, and I got to design it myself. No one will know any different unless they're a Lightning owner. If you want to use the regular Lightning logo, than you can do that too. Second and the most important. YES, this is totally legal. On the pictures of the shirt and jacket you see the Ford logo. I got the logo off of the internet, public domain, and supplied the logo when I designed my shirt and jacket, You'll see how it's done. Vistaprint did not supply it, they just made what I gave them. You can use any commercial logo, as long as it's for personal use, which this is! FYI, they're a billion dollar company, they know what their doing. I've also included the regular Lightning and Ford logos, if you want use them. And, YES I know I spelled Lightning wrong. That was an expensive mistake.
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What about the correct spelling? “Lightening “ is a different word is maybe why it’s “legal”
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