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Current situation towing and charging

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They need to work on the trailer and charging situation for sure. Glad this one had a long cord!


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I tow often. And I don’t know if my truck is somehow special but without trailer I’m running around 2.7kwh constant if I keep it off the highway. I have very little desire to drive interstates and live in my backroad zone bubble.
"Extended Range (all trims, except of Platinum): 350.2 mi (563.5 km) "

Then you are getting better than the EPA. Which is what I had been arguing about in another thread that people said I was being naive. 350.2 miles on a 131 kwh battery is 2.6 mi/kwh. If I do the same as you in the Mach E, I'm constantly above 4.0mi/kwh.
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