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Curious what folks think about a reservation that is about 27,000th in line. ....

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We've had a Tesla Y since beginning of COVID - Love it....LOVE ELECTRIC. I had placed my reservation for the Lightning (I was around the 27K mark in order placement), I've now drive a Honda Pilot w 260K in mileage. So cannot wait for the new car. I've never owned a Ford in my life (61 yr old) BUT am ready to jump onto the company's EV bus ;-) Any thoughts on when I might actually see a request from Ford to place the order for production ? Again, I am about at the 27,000 mark in my reservation standing. I feel like a kid before Christmas.
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It’s all about nepotism. If your friend / uncle / misc relative owns the dealership then you’ll get a truck soonish. If no, it might be a while even if you were reservation #000002.
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