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I'll jump out there as I received these just yesterday. I'm truly hoping these trucks show up with the lighted cupholders, if they don't, well I'll have some modding to do.

To say the least - I found these on another forum. Etsy - Thryvebydesign. 2021 F-150 CUSTOM Acrylic Cup Holder Inserts PAIR Only Works | Etsy

They made these designs for me. No lighted pics since I don't have a truck yet. If you are interested copy one of these pics and send to them, I'm sure they'll duplicate them for you. The T logo may be printed backwards or I've got it upside down in the pic.
Font Wood Material property Circle Pattern

Brown Vertebrate Wood Circle Liquid

Wood Font Jewellery Circle Rim

Brown Sleeve Wood Material property Font
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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