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CSP wont connect to wifi or ford pass app

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Just installed the CSP using a 50a circuit. I made sure to change the internal switch to #4 to limit the charger to use 40amps. When i plug it into the truck, I can clearly see it is charging, and on my house, i can monitor power usage and I clearly see 9600 Watts being pulled. So I know it is all installed properly.

What I can't seem to figure out is how to get it to connect to my wifi and ford pass app. I have been able to get it to connect to wifi 2 times (at least, it says connection successful), but the very next step to connect to ford pass app fails with can't find charger. When I look on my wifi, I don't see the CSP actively on wifi. My CSP is in the garage, and with the lighting outside, I have great wifi connection, so distance and signal strength don't seem to be a problem.

I have factory reset the CSP and gone through the full setup again, with no better results.

Anyone else experience this? Any suggested fixes?

ALL i want to do is be able to schedule when the truck charges to take advantage of Off-Peak power costs and limit how much of the battery I want to charge to. There is NOTHING in the lightning to do that, and the App only seems to allow charge to 100% now or stop charging. WTH is ford thinking here? Does the app even allow this? Any other way to accomplish this?

EDIT: I figured out how to set the charge times and limits in the truck. It seems a bit finicky as it is linked to the GPS location of the truck, which is NOT finding my house correctly when in the garage. So i setup multiple schedules/limits based on all the GPS locations the truck thinks it has been around/near my house. I just tested it and sure enough, it isn't charging now that I have plugged it in. We will see if it turns on in a couple hours (midnight).
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Does it tell you how many amps or watts the current station is providing you? Can you find that information anywhere?
So after waiting a day, and multiple follow-on attempts, the situation got worse...before it got better. I wasn't even able to see the wifi SSID from the CSP on the second day. Multiple breaker flips and it finally presented itself. I reset it for the 3rd time, then ran through the setup cleanly again and low and behold...it worked. It really shouldn't be this hard.

After all that, i honestly don't know what the integration with the app gets me...and I was able to charge the truck without any integration. It gives you history of usage and "about" info (which is incorrect since I limited charge rate to 40 Amps while it still shows 80 Amps), and half the time the app says the charger is disconnected (see below as it is doing it right now). shrug not worth the multi-day effort to connect it. I checked my wifi and it happarently has been successfully connected for 19 hours, so must be a ford server thing.
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What app is this. Do you have a link? I only see the 4.23 version.
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