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CSP wont connect to wifi or ford pass app

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Just installed the CSP using a 50a circuit. I made sure to change the internal switch to #4 to limit the charger to use 40amps. When i plug it into the truck, I can clearly see it is charging, and on my house, i can monitor power usage and I clearly see 9600 Watts being pulled. So I know it is all installed properly.

What I can't seem to figure out is how to get it to connect to my wifi and ford pass app. I have been able to get it to connect to wifi 2 times (at least, it says connection successful), but the very next step to connect to ford pass app fails with can't find charger. When I look on my wifi, I don't see the CSP actively on wifi. My CSP is in the garage, and with the lighting outside, I have great wifi connection, so distance and signal strength don't seem to be a problem.

I have factory reset the CSP and gone through the full setup again, with no better results.

Anyone else experience this? Any suggested fixes?

ALL i want to do is be able to schedule when the truck charges to take advantage of Off-Peak power costs and limit how much of the battery I want to charge to. There is NOTHING in the lightning to do that, and the App only seems to allow charge to 100% now or stop charging. WTH is ford thinking here? Does the app even allow this? Any other way to accomplish this?

EDIT: I figured out how to set the charge times and limits in the truck. It seems a bit finicky as it is linked to the GPS location of the truck, which is NOT finding my house correctly when in the garage. So i setup multiple schedules/limits based on all the GPS locations the truck thinks it has been around/near my house. I just tested it and sure enough, it isn't charging now that I have plugged it in. We will see if it turns on in a couple hours (midnight).
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It looks like the Ford Charge Station Pro Setup app by Siemens AG is on version 1.5
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