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Control power outlets from phone app?

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I have a GFC ultralight camper mounted on my 2022 Lariat Lightning. I can have an amazing camping experience with household appliances plugged into outlets in bed and frunk. But I can't turn all outlets and truck power off and on (without turn off after N minutes) without climbing out of camper and getting in cab. Ideally mobile app could allow powering individual outlets from app GUI. I need "truck camper mode" power and light controls!
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Are you not finding what you want in the Ford Pass App?
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Mine looks like that as well but it doesn’t allow me to turn on the outlets remotely or even have remote start work.
Interesting. I thought there used to be controls there. Now it just seems to be for monitoring.
I would love if there were! Hopefully they add it (back?)

During one of our snowstorms dumb old me forgot to turn off the hot tub heater while on Pro Power and it tripped the electronic breaker. I had to crawl out through 3 feet of snow at 2AM to reset the breaker via the touchscreen. The adrenaline jolt kept me awake the rest of the night!
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