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Console vault/safe anybody added?

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Has anybody added a console safe or vault? What model it brands do you like? Looking for something that is easy to install where I don’t have to drill thru steel. Either an entire console box or gun vault. Preferably electronic. Anybody have any thoughts? Thanks
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I bought one directly from Console Vault. They are the OEM supplier to Ford. I joined their mailing list and they send various coupon codes of 15%, 20%, $25, and $50 off. The 20% off just expired. It's a quality heavy-duty product for the intended use–an easily available legally lockable compartment. I wouldn't keep the Hope Diamond in there.

To install, you don't have to drill through anything. It spikes itself and sets the frame with set screws into the plastic sides of the console bin. It probably would be a lot easier to install if someone with smaller hands was able to reach though the opening and get the set screws in the rear tightened. I chose the 3-digit combination lock because I didn't want a key. As for the optional locks, anyone who really wants in there will be using a power tool right through the sides, not worrying about trying to crack the lock.

Same link as in post above.
How’d it go?
I bought a console vault and I am installing it tomorrow. Reviews seem good. I'll follow up once installed
How did it go?
1 - 4 of 8 Posts