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Considering walking from order

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Just got an email that my truck is built and ready to deliver. After waiting over a year, I kind of lost the excitement and my dealer just notified me that they mark up 10% because Ford gave them the truck at their cost and they need to make money too.
Any thoughts on what to do, not really interested in a 95k loan after taxes, title and dealer fees.
Thinking about just going with a 2023 Lariat full hybrid for 20k less.

I would flip it, but after all the costs, I'll maybe make 10 grand, maybe.
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what’s even more messed up.. and short term. I also told them I’m in the market for a telluride and 2 box trucks for my business while I was starting the order process. Not only was I trying to butter them up to not fuck me, but I also was serious about doing business with them if all went well.
I don’t get how these dealers compete. When my dealer called and asked if I was still interested they told me the owners were prioritizing local reservation holders. Then they charged me 7K over MSRP. Not outrageous in the scheme of things and I was willing to pay it because I went to the front of the line and I have one of the few in my area. But I will never recommend the dealer because they have given me $7000 reasons not to. And if I ever buy another Ford I will look elsewhere even if it means driving several hundred miles. This is a big auto group in my area and I wouldn’t consider buying anything from any of their dealerships because of how bad they treat customers. I also had a bad experience at another local Ford dealership as part of an even bigger dealer group. It definitely sours me on the brand and the Ford wants to be around in the future they’re going to put a stop to this. If Tesla had made such crazy looking truck they wouldn’t kick Ford, GM and Dodge’s asses in the EV truck segment because their model is such a refreshing departure from all the BS we are discussing here and all over this forum.
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