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Considering bailing on order.

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Ordered a Lariat back in April. It was delivered to the dealer this week. After reading this forum, I discovered that I will not qualify for the 2022 tax credit because the delivery date is after Jan 1,2023. I will not qualify for the 2023 because the truck is over 80k.

I did get the price protection, and the dealer did not add a market adjustment. But the rebate was part of my financial decision to buy this very expensive truck.

Also I keep reading on this forum that the software sucks, which is a major bummer being that EV's are all about the software. I have a Tesla, so I understand how important well designed software is.
And, I have been trying for months to get Sunrun to give me an estimate on installing an inverter and charger. Dozens of calls and emails. Still no estimate.
Plus there will be dozens of new EV options this year and next. And in 2024 there will be an instant rebate at the dealership.

I will loose my $1000 dollar deposit. I don't want to be penny wise and dollar foolish. I don't have to have an EV this year. I can wait until the next Ford update or check out other Ev options in the future.
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The cost is a very good reason not to go through with the purchase. It's very much a luxury/lifestyle vehicle. It happens to be a very good truck but so was my 2010 F150, you don't need to spend $80k for a good truck.

I think gripes about the software are overblown. There are issues but I think the main issues were addressed with 4.1.2. Another way to think of it is this is the worst the software will ever be.

I think I've heard exactly one use case that made sense for the Sunrun whole home backup system from a guy who has a winter home in Florida and wants his truck to keep his refrigerators going when he's not there. It's super cool technology but costs way more than a stand-alone backup generator and only works when your Ford F150 Lightning is plugged in. No Lightning = no backup generator.
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