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Comparison: Electrify America vs EVgo: Conclusion- EVgo sucks.

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Tried out fast charging today on my lunch break.

Closest to my house is an EVgo station, which I will never use again. 33.5 KWH at a cost of $.60/kwh plus fees.... equals almost $20. Hannaford, a northeast grocery chain, seems to have a deal with EVgo as all EVgo stations are located at Hannaford stores. And.... they don't email you a receipt, they make you log into their app or website to see the charging details.

Drove a little further to get to the Electrify America at Walmart. Not only did it charge faster, but it was HALF the cost. Got 26 Kwh for $8.70. Email with all charging details and costs was sent immediately upon completion.

Not using EVgo ever again.... unless I'm in a serious bind.
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.........I tried one of their new ultra-fast "Ultium Ready" stations. Those are a completely different EVGo experience than the older units.
are they any cheaper?
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