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Commuter Review

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I just wanted to throw up some pictures I took today. Took delivery on Saturday the 16th and today was the first day I drove it into work. Overall I was surprised by my usage this is because I didn't drive conservatively. I didn't pick the speed I normally do but I did 80mph on the highway. There is about a static 200 ft of elevation with my job and that can go up to maybe 400 or more at certain parts of the drive. To work is mostly downhill, from is mostly uphill.

  • I started the day at 80% @ 250miles estimated. (over the weekend I stayed in town and maybe 60/40 city to highway driving)
  • On the highway I started off by blowing around a model 3 and setting the ACC to 80.
  • About a couple miles down the road my usage was 1.9 mi/kWh.
  • After the main highway, I was on a smaller highway averaging 65-70 mph.
  • I got to work at 43 miles, 45 mins, 2.2 mi/kWh, 202 miles estimated, 66%
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  • I started out doing about 75-80 mph.
  • After getting back on the smaller highway after getting off a major for about 1 mile, I noticed my mi/kWh was 1.8
  • I locked in 75mph
  • Back on the main highway I locked in around 75 and increased to 80 later.
  • Got home at 44.5 miles (I come back on a different back road so I don't sit at the light coming off the highway), 1.9 mi/kWh, 49 minutes. 136 miles estimated and 46% remaining.
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So 14% down and 20% up which is roughly what I'd see in the Mach E as well. Winter driving in the Mach E I saw maybe up to an additional 5%, more so on the way back than down. (The percentage comparisons aren't the same, I think it is about 20% down and 25% back in the Mach E - Standard Battery). Maybe Friday I will drive conservatively to see if I can get above 2 on the drive back.

Driving was great and comfortable. Loved the windows down arm hanging on the door, great adjustable seating. I think I do need to move the pedals back just a bit. I wish the vehicle images were color matched :(

It is plugged in and charging to 80 with an estimated range of 231 which comes to 2.2 mi/kWh. This morning it would have been 2.3 mi/kWh.
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I got a good laugh at the 0% for climate. Here in Dallas i'm sure my numbers for climate are huge. It may hit 110 today. Kill me now!
Yea it was 70 this morning and 90s in the afternoon. I just had the windows down on the way home. The humidity isn't that bad when moving.

Also, I know people have commented on the reversing sound. If the windows are up, I have to strain to hear it. With the windows down, all of them, and music at maybe 6-7 I can just barely hear it. And that's me paying attention for it.
I just did a ~3 hour out and back to pick up my kid. Frederick MD to Breezewood Pa. Starting elevation is ~460 ft, highest point is right before Breezewood at 1739 (1800 on the way back; split highway).

I did 2.2 mi/kWh on the way up. 89.1 miles and 1:31:57 minutes. I set my cruise control to 69 (giggity). My max mi/kWh was around 2.4 until I was chuggin up hills.

Since I was going to be going "downhill", I went faster on the way back. I didn't have a consist main set speed but for the majority I was around 75-59. I gunned it once up a hill past Hagerstown and actually saw the bar for the battery dip. (I saw the mi/kWh drop .1 doing that).

I did 2.1 mi/kWh on the way back. 84.5 miles and 1:21:05 minutes. After the first initial hill climb out of Breezewood (the 1800) my mi/kWh went up to 2.4 and stayed there for a while (~30 miles). I kept my speed around 75 but I was going slower at some points cause of other cars. I eventually came out of PA doing 79-80. I kept it there for the rest of the way.

I imagine if I kept it at the same pace I did going up I would have maintained 2.4 mi/kWh. It is really good at regen. I used the A/C once on the way back cause it was raining and my kid was hot but that was for maybe 5 minutes. I mainly had windows down for the entire trip.

2.2 being the average my calculated estimate would be 288 highway miles. I know out of spec and state of charge and edumunds and so on all do like 70 and it seems on mostly flat, but that's not where I live. I ended with 34% state of charge and 94% from the start (getting up to 100 was really slow, like 2% every hour - Ford provided 240v mobile charger). I was at 65% when I got to breezewood.
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I took a ~100 mile road trip over the weekend. 100+ degree temp outside. Highway speeds (75 most of the way). Was getting 1.8 mi/kWh. I'm sure keeping the occupants and battery cool was really sucking the juice. When I lowered my speed to 65ish my average creeped up to 1.9 mi/kWh. Will be interesting to see what I get when temps get lower for our one week of fall, 2 of winter and then back to summer.
Yea the temp definitely counts. I'm going to love 70-80 degree weather with all the windows down and my arm out the window.

The A/C doesn't use up as much as the heater though. It was humid today but cause of the rain it didn't get as hot. I think it would have normally been a 100 deg day for us with humidity. I can handle that as long as I can roll the windows down with my cooling seats on.
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I'm guessing he Lightning doesn't display it that way?

Closet I've found is in the Fordpass app for the trip log. 39.1 kWh going up and 39.3 kWh coming back.
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