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Cold Weather Test

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We took a trip to Sioux Falls this last weekend. We stayed at a friend's house overnight so the Truck was parked outside without being plugged in. We arrived at 6 PM and we departed the next morning at 8 AM. Outside temperature was 0F and very little wind. During the night the truck used 32 miles of range due to the cold. Next cold test I plan to plug into a simple 120v outlet and see how my range is affected. I see now why the truck tells you to plug in when it is cold outside.
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The GOM places the range at about 30% less when this cold, which seemed pretty accurate based on miles driven and battery percent indicated. The trip energy meter put us at 1.4mi/kWh vs a normal of 2.1 mi/kWh. Cabin energy used was at 11%, Ext energy was 12% and Acc energy was at 2%. Incidentally I set cruise at the speed limit except in South Dakota. I kept my speed on Interstate 90 at 70 mph vs 80 mph.
Good stuff. Nutty cold here in Sioux Falls right now. This is as cold as it typically gets. I grew up in ND and lived in Duluth, so this is nothing, but still.....

I would think plugging into 120v is the right thing to do, not to mention you could then precondition before leaving to go anywhere saving some battery juice. May not gain any range, but worth it just for those reasons I'd think. You hit up the Worthington charger? Working fine?
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