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I stumbled into a max tow ER Lariat through total serendipity. I missed the order cutoff and submitted build anyway. Three weeks later, on a whim, I went to my local dealer -- first time I've been there. My "build" was sitting in the showroom -- down to the color. Long story short, the truck had arrived the day b4. I bought the mannequin @ MSRP on the edition that I leave it there until mid Jan.

I am a dyed-in-the-wool pickup owner. Over the half century since I bought my first, I've never been without one. Like most of the others here, these trucks define me. The two others I now own have over 100K on their odos -- the '07 Tundra has 250k. I adore them. But I also love the electrification of propulsion for many reasons not the least of which is that our PV array has been generating 25% more electrons than we consume for 16 yrs. For the first 10 yrs, the util sent me checks. Now they are banking my over-consumption. I need to consume that juice! Hence the Model 3 and, blessedly, now the Lightening.

I'm in heaven. The performance so far exceeds my expectations. 9% grades on fresh powder. 90 mph on the interstate; charging batteries for power tools. My assessment is that Ford (& Farley) have seized the moment. The company has created a transformative vehicle. Of course, as an early adopter, I expect all kids of glitches, but when I compare the Lightening EV experience with my Tesla experience, I'm wowed. Indeed, some of Ford's software chops exceeds Tesla's. Considering they didn't know squat about coding a few years ago, that's nontrivial. In many ways, it much easier to start from scratch.

Her's the thing: My Ford dealer has decided to do the upgrades that will entitle it t sell EVs. However, there is no one on the sales staff that understands these vehicles -- I was told to avoid "one pedal" mode as an example. None of the service techs are Lightening certified. It's scary how clueless my dealer is. I have all kinds of questions about issues ranging from air dam warnings to Smart Hitch unavailability to recalls. Nobody is home at my dealership.

Sorry about the long post. I'm writing to find out if my experience is an outlier.
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