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Never had an electric vehicle, currently driving a V8 full size truck. Sort of concerned about the charging while travelling. I read about an ability to use Tesla charging stations (not superchargers), but some adapter is needed. There are all these amps, kwh, volts, etc. Is there a simple graph or information somewhere that says if you drive EV ford (lets says Mach, already on the road), this is what you need to have, to charge on the road, and use Tesla chargers. I see people buying various adapters, that may or may not work, some buying long extension cords to plug into their dryer 240v plug, etc...Ford, and other EV car makers should make things much easier, for non electricians. Thanks! MIke.
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Welcome to the forum @mikep! What kind of truck are you driving right now? a F-150? I'll try to help answer your questions as best I can. Hope this helps.

So as far as the Tesla adapter is concerned this is what you'd be looking to get. Like you said it's good on Tesla chargers that are not Superchargers.

The difference between kWh, volts, and amps is that kWh is used to describe how big an EV's battery is and volts and amps are used to describe much electric charge can be delivered to an EV.

Here's a good video that explains charging tips for the Mustang Mach-E that should give you an idea of what you can expect.

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No problem at all happy to help! Lord knows I was crosseyed trying to understand some of these terms at first :LOL:.
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