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Never had an electric vehicle, currently driving a V8 full size truck. Sort of concerned about the charging while travelling. I read about an ability to use Tesla charging stations (not superchargers), but some adapter is needed. There are all these amps, kwh, volts, etc. Is there a simple graph or information somewhere that says if you drive EV ford (lets says Mach, already on the road), this is what you need to have, to charge on the road, and use Tesla chargers. I see people buying various adapters, that may or may not work, some buying long extension cords to plug into their dryer 240v plug, etc...Ford, and other EV car makers should make things much easier, for non electricians. Thanks! MIke.
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MacMerritt, don't overthink or over concern yourself with charging away from home - anywhere you charge is already going to have it's own cord and charge plug that fits your vehicle.
Charging it home - you'll already be supplied a charge cable from Ford.
'Ford' has nothing to do with whether it will charge at any namebrand charging station, whether EA, Chargepoint, EV Go, Blink, etc. The third parties all use the standard J1772 and CCS charge plugs, so you can use ANY of them. Whether they 'work' and will activate is a different story, and that is on the station itself, not on what vehicle you are driving.

As for whether you can, or will be able to, charge at a Tesla branded station, now or in the future, is totally up to Tesla. THEY control their own environment, just like back in the day when you couldn't simply slide in a floppy disk 'program' from a Tandy TRS80 into an Apple Mac, or a IBM personal computer.

One day, maybe, we'll be able to simply drive up to ANY charge station and plug in, but, for now, that's not the case. For now, the PLUG is the difference between where you can charge, and where you can't. While a Tesla may can use an adapter to make use of 'our' charge stations, we don't have an adapter, or the capability even so, to use a Tesla station.
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