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Charging w/2 Pro Chargers?

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Hi All, I have a Lariet ER and have 2 Pro Chargers. I was planning on installing one at my home and the other at my business. Because of having to register each charger with my personal info to activate, would it be easier to sell one of the Pro Chargers and get another brand like a ChargePoint to make is simpler? Or is it just as easy to register the second one in my wife's name? Thanks for any suggestions.
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I believe there are plenty of options out there, and may well have better options with other chargers, but since you already own both, I would just use both....sounds like you got some 'traveling' to do every week!
Thanks for the feedback, Yes, my daily commute is over 150 miles per day. Driving the Lightning makes it so much more enjoyable tho.
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