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Charging Lightning at public fast charger cost?

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I know KWH costs are different everywhere...but as I am looking, I see in Michigan costs to charge are roughly .45 per minute at public fast charging station....if it takes 90 minutes to "fill completely" from 0-100...that is approx 40.50 divided by 230 miles cost is .176 per mile....which means that it actually costs MORE to drive this Lightning than say, my 2019 F150 2.7 I get about 22 mpg with my truck, which means I can go 275 miles for 40.50 worth of gas (3.25 gal/87 oct) for a cost of .147 per mile....

Kinda shocked as when I had my 2012 ALL ELECTRIC ford focus, my electric bill went up "guesstimate" 15.00 per month, and I drove approx 800 miles per month, for a cost of .0187 per mile....they had an epa of 110 MPGe (equivalent) The EPA used stats of 32 kWh/100 miles, and they say 33.7 kWh is equivalent to 1 gallon of gas.

I know the charging stations will be considerably higher than at home charging...but the costs seem high for charging...will it come down with time?

Folks opinions on my simple minded figuring...?
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts