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Charging Lightning at public fast charger cost?

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I know KWH costs are different everywhere...but as I am looking, I see in Michigan costs to charge are roughly .45 per minute at public fast charging station....if it takes 90 minutes to "fill completely" from 0-100...that is approx 40.50 divided by 230 miles cost is .176 per mile....which means that it actually costs MORE to drive this Lightning than say, my 2019 F150 2.7 I get about 22 mpg with my truck, which means I can go 275 miles for 40.50 worth of gas (3.25 gal/87 oct) for a cost of .147 per mile....

Kinda shocked as when I had my 2012 ALL ELECTRIC ford focus, my electric bill went up "guesstimate" 15.00 per month, and I drove approx 800 miles per month, for a cost of .0187 per mile....they had an epa of 110 MPGe (equivalent) The EPA used stats of 32 kWh/100 miles, and they say 33.7 kWh is equivalent to 1 gallon of gas.

I know the charging stations will be considerably higher than at home charging...but the costs seem high for charging...will it come down with time?

Folks opinions on my simple minded figuring...?
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By my calculations, at home charging in MA is not cheap at all. Other charges in the bill double the supply charge. By minute charging at EA stations seem to be the cheapest option in MA. It costs less than half of by KWH charge. Differences by state is HUGE. Still a long way to go before you see charging prices across the nation in a narrower band.
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