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ChargeStation Pro Stopped Reporting Data after 2/26

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The FordPass app had an update on 2/24 and I noticed on 2/26 the FCSP integration stopped reporting data for kWH in the app. When I went into the FordPass app and clicked on ”Account” and then scrolled down and clicked on the Charge Station button the app loaded and went to look for charging use over the last couple days it was blank (and I know there were charging events). I also noticed the graphic on the main section of the ”Charge Station” was just a static image - normally it will show “blue” when it‘s online and communicating or “blue pulse” when charging:

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So figured something went wrong with its network config and I figured I would disconnect from the truck and power cycle it at the breaker. I left it off for about 30 seconds and then turned back on. It came up fine and now when I look at the graphic in the “Charge Station” section in the app I see it‘s once again reflecting the status I physically see on the unit in the graphic:

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I’m forcing a charge event to see if I can get it to report data now.

Let me know if anyone else experienced this issue recently.

IMO - They do have some work to do to clean up the integration of the FCSP into FordPass - it’s a bit clunky now and it really should be melded into the “Charging” section of FordPass and not under the Account section.

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They need to work on the software or something. After a few weeks my CSP stops sending data. I just turn the power off to the CSP for a few seconds then all is good. Annoying though!
Yep - seems like the power cycle fixed it. It reported the data for my forced charging session I did today about 15-30 min after I stopped it.
I am hoping @Ford Motor Company can speak to this issue that seems to affect almost everyone that has been posting to these forums. Should we be going into the FCSP specific app and checking for updates to the firmware to correct these random network drops that require a power cycle at the breaker?
Perhaps @Ford Motor Company might be able to tell us if there is an upcoming Firmware update for the FCSP in the works?
1 - 4 of 13 Posts