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Chargers with Disconnects not working (charger question)

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Hoping Someone with a little bit better electricity/EVSE knowledge can chime in on what might be the problem here:

At the Dealership, I work at (honda) we have several chargers that all have quick connects on the charger output cord so the cords can be brought in at night. These chargers are from the Honda Clarity Program and they all appear to be around 30 to 32-amp chargers. The Cords detach as most of the cords were stolen by Homeless/Open scene drug users.

These Chargers have had no problem charging any of the EVs or PHEVs that we have seen. My 2022 Lightning Lariat ER does not like these chargers one bit......

Any Idea why?


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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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