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Charger question

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I have have had my truck for 2 weeks or so and never got the pro charger, I did find a place somewhere to request one but I have not got it. Has ford cut this out now as I been hearing lots stuff being cut out of these trucks now like scales etc which I don't think i got either no t100 percent on that one.

anyways my question is I would like to charge little faster than I can with the 30 amp charger i did get and wondered what others are using to charge faster at home, I have seen other chargers online but not sure which works best with this truck.
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The ChargePoint Home Flex and Grizzl-E have been really popular in the Mustang Mach E community.
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Well, a few months have passed, and things change. Now ClipperCreek is Enphase, and they recommend a slightly different charger for the extended range battery in my (ordered but not yet built) Platinum. They recommend:
Output Power (kW): 15.4
Charging time* (from empty): 11.5h
Price starting at: $959.00
Miles of range per hour of charging**: 17.4
Cost to charge*** (from empty): $20.92
Would I be overbuying with this unit?
Maybe. It really depends on your use case.

The advantage of the 15.4 kW charger with a Platinum is that any Lightning with an Extended Range battery has dual onboard chargers. While a standard range is limited to charging at 48A, ~11.5kW because it has a single charger, ER Lightnings can use twice that.

The HCS-80 is a 64A (15.4 kW) charger, requiring an 80A circuit.
Clipper Creeks are solid and reliable but dumb chargers. I've been using an HCS-30 for 5-1/2 years and have yet to need to even reboot it.

The Ford Charge Station Pro is an 80A (19.2 kW) charger, requiring a 100A circuit. Retail is $1300 but there are people on here selling them for under $1000. The charger is a bit more expensive and it will cost more to install a 100A circuit than an 80A circuit. This would maximize your charge rate.
The FCSP is a smart charger and folks have found them to be a bit finicky.

Now, think about your use case:
How far do you normally drive in a day?
How often do you need to fully recharge the truck?
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