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Charger question

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I have have had my truck for 2 weeks or so and never got the pro charger, I did find a place somewhere to request one but I have not got it. Has ford cut this out now as I been hearing lots stuff being cut out of these trucks now like scales etc which I don't think i got either no t100 percent on that one.

anyways my question is I would like to charge little faster than I can with the 30 amp charger i did get and wondered what others are using to charge faster at home, I have seen other chargers online but not sure which works best with this truck.
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Yes you should be getting the pro charger with your Lariat. If you want to integrate your truck battery into your home to be used when the power goes out you will need the pro charger. The design of the system is such that the pro charger works with the Sunrun inverter to return power to your house. (Truck only exports DC and the inverter changes it to AC) There is no other charger, except the pro charger, that will allow the bidirectional charging. With that said I believe TeslaDriver is correct. If you do not get the pro charger and you are not integrating your truck into your home/solar/backup battery network, there are better/cheaper after market chargers out there. Incidentally I have the pro charger installed but I only have it connected to a 50amp circuit, 40amp charging, and it satisfies my charging needs.
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