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Charger question

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I have have had my truck for 2 weeks or so and never got the pro charger, I did find a place somewhere to request one but I have not got it. Has ford cut this out now as I been hearing lots stuff being cut out of these trucks now like scales etc which I don't think i got either no t100 percent on that one.

anyways my question is I would like to charge little faster than I can with the 30 amp charger i did get and wondered what others are using to charge faster at home, I have seen other chargers online but not sure which works best with this truck.
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well maybe I will get one but I cannot seem to get any information on getting a pro charger, I actually do not need the home backup power thing at all as we get a power outage once every 3-5 years and I have a 2000 watt yamaha generator that solves any immediate needs. I am charging reasonably happy with the 30 amp 240 charger but would like to charge faster when needed. Anyone in canada have any issues getting a charger with the er trucks? Anyways if it no longer is part of the deal i would like to buy one for 60 amp breaker so 48 amp charge rate.
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