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Charger for ford and Tesla

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Thanks for adding me to the group. I received my lightning in November and picking up my wife’s Tesla on Friday. I have the pro charger installed in my house and was thinking I would be able to charge the Tesla with it. Sounds like this is not the case. Does anyone now what charger I could buy that would do both? I have a 100 amp dedicated breaker for whichever one I will need.
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Thx for your feedback. To clarify, I thought this would be pretty simple being new to the EV market. I just assumed that once I had my Ford charger all installed, I would be able to simply plug-in the Tesla using an adapter, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. There are adaptors on the market that it sounds like people have tried carving out a piece to be able to except it and it seems iffy whether this works or not. I’m more like looking for someone who has maybe purchased a different charger other than the Ford one that will do both the Ford and the Tesla without using a sketchy adapter. I’m willing to buy a different one, just want one that will do both. Btw, I absolutely love my lightning!!! And it’s just a standard range model 3 that we bought.
Nice, thanks. Sounds like the Tesla charger is the way to go then. Originally I was thinking of using it for home back up power until I looked into it further and discovered that’s another 3 grand more for the back up power grid kill switch that’s required (kinda misleading by ford in my opinion), extension cords is a much cheaper way of going I’m thinking, but hey correct me if I’m wrong on this. Just my understanding when I briefly looked into it.
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