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Charger for ford and Tesla

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Thanks for adding me to the group. I received my lightning in November and picking up my wife’s Tesla on Friday. I have the pro charger installed in my house and was thinking I would be able to charge the Tesla with it. Sounds like this is not the case. Does anyone now what charger I could buy that would do both? I have a 100 amp dedicated breaker for whichever one I will need.
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If you are not planning to use the FCSP to connect to the HIS for home backup, then I’d sell it and buy an older Tesla Gen2 HPWC and an 80a TeslaTap. This will connect to your existing circuit, charge the Tesla without an adapter and charge the Lighthing ER at the full 80 amps using the TeslaTap
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Tesla sells a J1772 EVSE. So, you could use the Tesla adapter that comes with the car and the J1772 for the Lightning. I see that it's $125 more than the Tesla Wall Connector. I don't think it was that way a few months ago.

The Telsa Wall Connector with the J1772 is 48A, just like the regular Tesla Wall Charger

The older Gen2 Wall Charger is the one that works well for the ER Lightning with an 80a adapter, since it can charge at 80a.
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