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ChargePoint public chargers

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Has anybody had trouble or success charging their Lightning at a ChargePoint station?
I was in Boardman, OH and was having trouble finding a level 4 fast charger. I saw that the Hyundai dealership there had two chargers on their lot. I got excited I had visually spotted two chargers not on the map.
The chargers looked set-up and ready to go. I quickly made a Charge Point account and was excited to get my fast charge on.
However, at both chargers I got the same error. The charger said that it was waiting for the vehicle. The Lightning displayed a nondescript "charger error - see owners' manual".
Bottom line, I was unable to make use of two perfectly operable fast chargers.
Any thoughts on this experience?
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KElhorn, you are correct those are not level 4, just DC fast charge stations. Thanks for keeping me honest.

Kstype, I'm glad they worked for you. I'm optimistic that i'll be able to use these charges too. Thanks!

I found a few more near my home and will give them a try to see if it was a fluke or not. That said, I feel that my ChargePoint app does not let me correctly identify the EV that I'm driving, and perhaps because of that the charger and the vehicle are not making a propoer "handshake" at the moment of charge. I'll report back.
Install the ChargePoint pass in your phone's wallet and take advantage of ChargePoint's (and EVgo) willingness to send you an RFID card. Also, I learned to spot the "right" ChargePoint chargers. For me, I've never had a failed charge at these: https://www.chargepoint.com/businesses/stations/express

The CP ones that look like they have midrift bulge haven't been so hot. I don't fast charge a lot, but I look for these in Plugshare as 62.5 kW and 50 kW backups for the frail EA network when I'm route planning.
This is the charger I was using (hopefully you can makes something out my extreme close ups).
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This is what was going on in the car. I know I had in excess of 90%, but I did tell it to charge to 100% just to test the charger. I might need to go back when I'm low.
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Notice the blue. Also, no error code this time other than "Waiting for EV" from the charger.
Stay tuned. I'll try this again at some point this weekend probably.
Thanks for your response and advice.
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