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ChargePoint public chargers

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Has anybody had trouble or success charging their Lightning at a ChargePoint station?
I was in Boardman, OH and was having trouble finding a level 4 fast charger. I saw that the Hyundai dealership there had two chargers on their lot. I got excited I had visually spotted two chargers not on the map.
The chargers looked set-up and ready to go. I quickly made a Charge Point account and was excited to get my fast charge on.
However, at both chargers I got the same error. The charger said that it was waiting for the vehicle. The Lightning displayed a nondescript "charger error - see owners' manual".
Bottom line, I was unable to make use of two perfectly operable fast chargers.
Any thoughts on this experience?
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Install the ChargePoint pass in your phone's wallet and take advantage of ChargePoint's (and EVgo) willingness to send you an RFID card. Also, I learned to spot the "right" ChargePoint chargers. For me, I've never had a failed charge at these: https://www.chargepoint.com/businesses/stations/express

The CP ones that look like they have midrift bulge haven't been so hot. I don't fast charge a lot, but I look for these in Plugshare as 62.5 kW and 50 kW backups for the frail EA network when I'm route planning.
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