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Charge Station Pro plugged in vs Direct Wire?

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Anyone know if there's ability to plug in the charge station pro vs direct wiring?
Spec sheet says it can be amped down and wondering if you could install a dryer style plug to use with an existing nema 14-50 outlet.

Before the "why would you want to do this?!" questions come, here's my reasoning.

Currently I am in a home I own but is something I am going to be converting to a rental soon. I don't want to hardwire the CSP and then remove but fine having the 14-50 plug.
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Yes, you can put a 14-50 on the supply line, but you must use a <40a setting on the unit when you do so.
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How about you install the 14-50 receptacle and use the charge cable that is under the floor of the frunk? Save the CSP for when you are settled in your new home. This is what I have been doing and always get charged to 90% by the morning with a 9pm start time.
CSP when plugged into the 14-50 will get you 9.6kw, where reports from the rather anemic Ford mobile cord are coming in @ 6.6kw. If you have the CSP sitting there, plugging that into your 14-50 outlet not only gets you a third more charging power, but means you can leave the mobile cord where it belongs; in the truck for emergencies when away from home.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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