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Changing dealerships?

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HI folks: I made a reservation 11/21, ordered 4/22 and in Oct 2022 my dealer helped me convert my order to a 2023. I still don't have a build date according to the ford website. Since I converted my order, I can't get through to my dealership and no one returns my calls. I'm in a rural area and am considering switching dealers. But I would likely switch to another rural dealership. Any thoughts/suggestions/feedback or info about your own experiences?
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I'm not actually sure. I got an email from Ford in March telling me that I was eligible to place an order. I did so in April, the day before my window to do so closed (trying to decide if I really had the $). So that was all online and not through my dealer directly. I just heard from Ford yesterday that I have a build date at the end of February.
Congrats. You will like the truck.
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