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Changing dealerships?

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HI folks: I made a reservation 11/21, ordered 4/22 and in Oct 2022 my dealer helped me convert my order to a 2023. I still don't have a build date according to the ford website. Since I converted my order, I can't get through to my dealership and no one returns my calls. I'm in a rural area and am considering switching dealers. But I would likely switch to another rural dealership. Any thoughts/suggestions/feedback or info about your own experiences?
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Just curious, How did you get to order in April when you reserved in November? Some people who reserved in May of 21 are still waiting for an invite. Did your dealership only get 3 reservations or something?

I couldn't even order through the dealership because lightning ordering is all online so maybe the dealership is confused about the entire process and now they're too embarrassed to tell you there was never an order placed. Did you pay the $500.00 deposit?
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