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Changing Dealers

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I recently test drove an XLT at my chosen dealer. I was amazed! The downside, he said that they are going to have an ADM on orders, too.
I was bummed but, in a discussion, group a guy told me that he bought his through Folsom Lake Ford with NO ADM. They are close to me. as well.
Long story short, I'm going to switch my dealers. I need anyone's help as the when I should switch. Now? When I'm invited to order? or after I make the order?
I don't want to lose my place in line. I don't want to be at the end of the new dealers list.

Thanks in advance for any help!!
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I had this happen to me also, called ford and they told me I had to make sure that the new dealer could allocate a truck for me, which they couldn’t.
Im not sure if the truck goes to the dealer or the person that ordered it, but Ford made it seem like I could switch, but most likely would not get the truck.
either way, the dealer that im doing business with marked the truck up the exact amount of the tax credit. My thinking is, it will still likely be the cheapest I can get the truck over the next few years.
Dealers need to just be removed from the online order process.
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