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Change Frunk "hood" for more Range

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I wonder if Ford ever tested the Lightning for increased range with a modified frunk lid. Using the same lifting mechanism and latch and a more aero efficient shape could offer some storage while giving more range? Only wind tunnel testing would determine if a gain in range could be achieved.
Perhaps this could be a aftermarket frunk cover when more range is more important than maximum lockable storage.

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Ha, well not exactly, but you get the idea.
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I think Ford's primary objective was to be first to the market, especially in front of Tesla. I think that is great, and it is a huge success. But I like function over needless fashion. That huge grill has no place when a $80k pickup truck comes with the equivalent of a 4 gallon tank. Sure, I am willing to pay for a $50k pickup with a 3 gallon tank, but that is more for the good of the climate and the need to do something, plus it will be a great 10kw generator when the power goes out, but lets get real! (Remember, each gallon of gas is equal to 33.7 kWh)
Yup, the lockable frunk is a clever idea that I like too. It is clear they worked hard to make it as large as possible. I just wish we could squeeze more range out of the battery.... Or make the recharging quicker....
Your numbers are correct, but they don't take into acccount the ~70% of gasoline that is lost to the environment as waste heat.
True on the "waste" heat, unless it is during winter driving when some of that "waste" heat is required inside the cabin.
Not only is the gasoline tank lighter, but it packs so much more energy than the current battery.
Gen2 should have 350kw charging. As good as it is, the current offering for all practical purposes is a cobbled together stop-gap until the purpose-built truck is ready.
I need help with this, can 800 volt cars can be charged at 350 kw?

Our 400 volt system is limited to 175 kw?? and that takes twice the time as a 350 kw system?
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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