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Change Frunk "hood" for more Range

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I wonder if Ford ever tested the Lightning for increased range with a modified frunk lid. Using the same lifting mechanism and latch and a more aero efficient shape could offer some storage while giving more range? Only wind tunnel testing would determine if a gain in range could be achieved.
Perhaps this could be a aftermarket frunk cover when more range is more important than maximum lockable storage.

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Ha, well not exactly, but you get the idea.
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Love the frunk, not willing give that space up much at all, buy an er it has more than enough range for 99 percent of driving and the dc fast chargers are really no big deal to charge as after 3.5-4 hours driving I am ready for a 30 min coffee or lunch break anyways. Think lot people overthinking the range in my experience and i drive my truck a fair bit.
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I think future trucks will need to look very different for aerodynamics and range enhancement. Nothing as radical as the cybertruck but changes will need to be made.
Or batteries and charging will continue to evolve and the aero will be no more important than it is to gas'ers for fuel economy.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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