It looks like the Lightning can be accessed with FORScan and can even activate certain features with it.

In this YouTube video, the host accessed things such as the Lightning's Matrix LED headlight technology

In this video from Transport Evolved, FORScan is used to access a variety of features in the Ford F-150 Lightning, and our host discovers that those features can in fact be enabled or disabled using the tool. However, some of the features they tweak in this video are more interesting than most, including the fact that the light bar can be adjusted to shine brighter during the day to improve visibility.

One of the more prominent features that owners can tinker with is the truck’s Matrix LED headlight technology, which is able to detect other light sources within the F-150 Lightning’s path and then dim the headlights in that area, specifically, to avoid blinding oncoming traffic. In Europe, such features are required, while they aren’t in other markets. This means that the Ford F-150 Lightning comes equipped with this technology from the factory, but it isn’t enabled in all markets – enter FORScan, which enables owners to do just that, regardless of their geographical location.

As we can see in the video, there are many other things that owners can tweak in their Ford F-150 Lightning using FORScan, but it is worth noting that this sort of thing isn’t without risk – in fact, one can brick one’s vehicle if they’re not careful. However, for those that know what they’re doing, this nifty tool opens up a world of possibilities, too.

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