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Ceramic Coating questions

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Had some questions for anyone thats gotten ceramic coating done on their cars before. I get the appeal and all that my questions are more around how much should it cost ballpark, on a F150.

and how long does it last? and anything special to know about washing the truck and that kind of thing, like does washing it wear it off faster?
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Please, please, please do the ceramic coat yourself. It’s easy, fun, and cheap. I’ve been detailing my, my friends and families cars for two decades, so I know what I’m doing.

Total cost= $30

1) wash the Lightning

2) clay towel the Lightning (any on Amazon will do). You can use regular car wash soap with the clay towel. Rinse it off.

3) use Meguair’s ceramic spray. Follow this guys advice for the first “base” coat (starting at 4:50):

4) then just use a top spray and wash of the ceramic spray and every few months like this:

5) enjoy
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