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Ceramic Coating questions

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Had some questions for anyone thats gotten ceramic coating done on their cars before. I get the appeal and all that my questions are more around how much should it cost ballpark, on a F150.

and how long does it last? and anything special to know about washing the truck and that kind of thing, like does washing it wear it off faster?
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Ceramic coating is fairly easy to do yourself with a little elbow grease. Honestly, professionals charge a lot for something you could probably do on your own for about $200. I've ceramic coated every car I've owned for the last few years and it holds up exceptionally well. The key is to prep your paint appropriately. Depending on the car you might need to do a 3-stage correction/polish or potentially just a polish. The paint will dictate that. On my brand new Tesla's I always do an aggressive polish with my DA (and sometimes a mild compound) depending on the paint then prep the paint with a ceramic prep spray and apply the ceramic. All in normally takes me about 6 hours, but well worth the end result. DO NOT expect it to magically protect your paint from scratches and scuffs. It will NOT do that. It will however make it much easier to wash and clean. Stuff just doesn't stick to it as easy. Make sure you've got realistic expectations. I would estimate about 3 years is about right for durability depending on your locations, weather, etc. I live in the Rockies and the salt takes a toll on ceramic coatings but once they fail you just polish and reapply. I get about 3 or so years out of mine.
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Can you recommend a brand, etc for the coating? I would be interested in doing this myself
Any name brands are going to be pretty similar. I prefer to use Wolfgang PROFI ceramic coating. It's really easy to use and level so this has always been my goto - lasts as long as the other major players too. GTechniq, cquartz, gyeon and the like are good ceramics too. I can't say I've got much experience applying, but they've gotten pretty good reviews.
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