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Ceramic Coating questions

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Had some questions for anyone thats gotten ceramic coating done on their cars before. I get the appeal and all that my questions are more around how much should it cost ballpark, on a F150.

and how long does it last? and anything special to know about washing the truck and that kind of thing, like does washing it wear it off faster?
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My experience on many cars over the last few years very much reflects what @obz posts above. With these trucks specifically, especially the early trucks, preparation is going to be really important. Mine is a 5/8 build that sat outside in Michigan for a few weeks before making its way East. While the dealer did a good job of washing, the hard water spots on the paint were significant, so the truck needed a serious cut and polish to get it ready for any type of protection. My truck was a very early delivery, so I suspect a number of these trucks will need paint correction even more than mine did.

With ceramic coating, preparation is key. Anything you lay the ceramic over top of is sealed in there for a long time. Take time for preparation, and you'll be happy with the end-product.
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