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Car has been shipped to dealer

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I have a platinum that has been built and is being delivered sometime in the next two weeks.

Its my first time ordering a car from factory but haven’t had any contact with the dealer (Star Ford, Glendale CA). Would the dealer contact me once the car arrives?
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What kind of BS is this? Ford has such a long way to go until this is no longer a statement or passive thought in peoples minds. Never, not once, did I have this feeling when buying my Tesla. I’ve treated Ford the same way. If worse comes to worse and I played my hand incorrectly, then Ford will lose a customer forever.
The best kept secret in the auto industry is how little power and control manufacturers have over franchised dealers. I hate the game and any crooked players. Dealers are the only player that can legally sell you the vehicle new. In this hypothetical situation that didn't even happen, the player to hate, if it had, would be the dealer.
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