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Ever since my last Update on 2/17 (Ford Power-Up 4.1.3) I can no long access the Settings on my truck. I spent an hour and a quarter on the phone with the mothership and another hour at the dealer. The Certified EV tech there is nice, but he doesn't have a clue. He can't find my Setting either.

The picture below is from my main screen. The Vehicle and Setting drawers seemed to be replaced by Apps & Entertainment drawers , the later has zero value to me.

The folks I talked to on the phone and at the dealership and on the phone said they would get back to me. I sent my VIN to Ford Motor Company on this platform (per its request). Its been over 5 days.

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I keep hoping a new update will fix this. I know there is a later release. It hasn't be pushed to me. Is there a way I can facilitate this?

Thanks very much in advance. Her's my update data:

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