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Canadian Order Process

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Does anybody have any news on how Ford Canada is handling orders? It appears they aren't doing order waves like in the States. My dealer basically told me that he just put all the orders through together when he was told to. I have an order but no other indication on where I stand. I also know that my dealer had 86 orders all placed with mine and they have been issued 4 VINs so far.
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Hopefully more start coming north of the border soon :)
Got my new lightning today. XLT extended range. Following picture is not great,but color is Antimatter Blue Metallic.

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Slecerc your truck looks amazing! I was curious if the Canadian Lightnings will have the Lightning bolt with the US flag on them. I can’t tell in your picture if it does or not?
@Ssirr, I don't see any US flag on it.
@ronkirstenlong, I didn't get any rebates from the government. If there are rebates the dealer didn't mention it. But, at ~2.10$/l for gas lately, I feel pretty good with my purchase. Also, I don't see any Canadian flag neither.

FYI, I just received an email from Qmerit for a quote to install the charger and also install "Intelligent backup power". The email is just saying they got my request and no price yet.
Awesome thanks, I have one on order but I am way at the back of the line and was curious if they had the us flag no flag or Canadian flag logo on it. I am hoping the government has rebates by the time I get mine in 2024 :)
And I am also curious about the charger install price and power back up cost.. I know I need a panel upgrade as I only have a 100 amp service and have AC and a hot tub so I figure minimum $2500 and I am guessing over $10k for all that with the backup power option…
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